Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tuesday as april happens

april happened
   and is happening
three shows
three weekends
three different states
north carolina
and now
road runner.....gypsy
always wondering "what happens if i...'

tomorrow, the michigan trip
   with a special treat- a stop and overnight visit with jason and kelly
   in pittsburgh-on the way.
   will be bringing the baby stuff purchased over the last few months 
                 and the sweaters knit, stich by stich, as i sat in different states.
 the day waits
 the fabric waits to be cut and constructed
   another day
   another day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

midweek and....

one of three shows done
production happens and
looms, once filled/warped with 40 yards of yarn, stand empty, waiting to be rewarped.

seven looms
kept warped with seven different colorplays
a challenge

white warp done
we prep, wind cones to then wind on
the back warp beam.

and at the same time, another loom is worked
electric blue sea tones
naming colorways is a challenge and is fun

plain weave, also known as tabby weave
all the odd threads up
then all the even threads up
moves into twill weave
first one direction and then
simple and yet complex

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

april and shows and shows and shows

april's here
along with three shows in three weekends in three different states!
i leave thursday for the Carolina Craftmen Classic in Greensboro, North Carolina.
their PR person called yesterday, asked if i would like to be on the local news  friday morning live tv spot at 6:45 in my booth to help promote the show!
happy dance time!
Caroliina Craftsmen Arts and Crafts Festival

off to dance this day

Friday, April 2, 2010

quiet morning, full week

i woke this morning
had to stop to think of what day of the week it was
this week has been a blur!

home sunday night after the carolina craftsmen show in chantilly, va.
processed show paperwork, updated production files on the computer
basic data housekeeping tasks
takes time
simply takes time

capelets were a hot item this past weekend
such a simple idea, and yet so flattering!
cindy wove, i cut
mad dash to replenish inventory
before the april "month of shows"

three shows in three weeks
greensboro, nc
lancaster pa
novi mi
not quite sure what i was thinking when i set this up....
the "gambler" in me must have taken over
the risk taker that is up for marketing challenges...
so, today, with the back garden's grass looking so ragged high wild, i will be in the studio
cutting, weaving

off to dance the day