Wednesday, May 4, 2011

may's show dance begins

long day in the studio
four shows in six weeks
orders are being filled
and inventory built

after a day of
bill paying
shipping orders

a break in the pace
i was alone in the studio
at day's end
late afternoon light
narada album playing
and the red warp needed
to be
"woven out"
not enough yardage to make a garment
i had a number of odd brightly colored bobbins
and the freedom to simply play
with color, weave patterns and texture.

the outside world disappeared
simply disappeared
joy, simple joy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

february ninth and playtime

yesterday happened
happened in a fun way

my cutting table space has been reduced to
one eight foot length....
that's a good thing.
simply because the longer length of two tables
meant the second table collected "stuff"
scraps, odds and ends
stuff, simply stuff!

i looked at the working space
had some piles of stuff there
[it didn't know where to go, since the other flat space was gone]
and decided it was time to finish making the polar fleece scarves with pockets
i delved into
my newly sorted piles of scraps
picking and deciding what scrap would go with what scarf

at day's end
i looked at the leftover polar fleece scraps
decided it was time to play with idea that has been
bumping around in my head for awhile

scraps are challenging
waste is money down the drain
what can one do with smaller pieces
of the whole?

well, a small jacket was cut
pieced together
i found my grandnephew dylan
a robust almost two!

camera and jacket inhand
he was asked to model for his "auntie pam"
first response was a very defined "no"!
he was in the middle of a snack
how dare i disturb him

a few more words
cajoling him
jacket slipped on
several pics taken
shared with him

the idea has potential.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

january 11 2011

each day
small steps taken
to change
to change
what was the past
into the present
that big blue table
constructed to stand forever
only accumulated "stuff"
with more "stuff" underneath

with this studio, i have been fortunate
never having to be tight on space.
that changed this december
with the roof rip and tear.

and with that change
came the impetus
for shifting
moving editing tossing

hard to do
so very hard to do
and, i must say,
the shifting editing tossing
is not just happening
in a physical way
it is also
in my head.......

Friday, January 7, 2011


thirty years in a building
thirty years in a space
stuff happens
stuff accumulates
especially when one's JOB
is to MAKE stuff!

and while one is making,
if one stops to
money isn't being generated
one keeps making
one keeps piling and
finally, finally
a tipping point happens
something snaps
crashes in the brain
take a break
and most importantly
share with others
while you are doing this
sort through the memories
the fragments
lingering in the corners of
your mind.....

Monday, January 3, 2011


thirty years sounds,
when one is younger,
thirty years can happen,
when one is not looking
in an instant.
thirty years ago,
we moved to chambersburg
into a building
being rebuilt
dreams were there
hopes were there
work was there.....

the building was, well, rebuilt with good intentions and not so good construction.
somehow the front roof had held up
this year was the tipping point
the roof needed to be "gone"
the process was painful
as memories of the past
slid though my head....