Thursday, February 10, 2011

february ninth and playtime

yesterday happened
happened in a fun way

my cutting table space has been reduced to
one eight foot length....
that's a good thing.
simply because the longer length of two tables
meant the second table collected "stuff"
scraps, odds and ends
stuff, simply stuff!

i looked at the working space
had some piles of stuff there
[it didn't know where to go, since the other flat space was gone]
and decided it was time to finish making the polar fleece scarves with pockets
i delved into
my newly sorted piles of scraps
picking and deciding what scrap would go with what scarf

at day's end
i looked at the leftover polar fleece scraps
decided it was time to play with idea that has been
bumping around in my head for awhile

scraps are challenging
waste is money down the drain
what can one do with smaller pieces
of the whole?

well, a small jacket was cut
pieced together
i found my grandnephew dylan
a robust almost two!

camera and jacket inhand
he was asked to model for his "auntie pam"
first response was a very defined "no"!
he was in the middle of a snack
how dare i disturb him

a few more words
cajoling him
jacket slipped on
several pics taken
shared with him

the idea has potential.....

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